About us

Situated on the cliff of Caldera in Fira, one of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini, Kamares Apartments offers its guests an accommodation of authentic Greek hospitality complimented by a breathtaking view while the spectacular sunset creates a timeless experience.
Romance and elegance - Kamares Apartments

Romance and elegance

Aged more than a century, a complex of traditional dwellings and “canaves” caves typical of the islands unique architecture, have been transformed into the stunning accommodation of Kamares Apartments.
The whitewashed apartments, caves dug into the rock, are all in traditional Cycladic style located on different levels on the cliff, with balconies facing the volcano and superb surroundings.

Romance and elegance combined with traditional architecture makes Kamares Apartments the ideal destination for truly unforgettable memories.

Kamares Apartments harmoniously blends the aesthetics of traditional Santorinean living within one of the most magnificent natural settings in the world.
The friendly personnel are at your disposal while staying at Kamares, as well as the hotel’s owners.